Galileo Integrated Project



The purpose of the Galileo system is to provide Europe with a new synchronism source independent from the GPS system. The technological research project developed by MPM Telecomunicazioni s.a.s aims at studying and developing a new "Time Code Processor" unit of the SIRD-ToD system, Integrated Time of Day Reception and Distribution System for the generation of the "ToD" synchronism signal, through the acquisition of the time synchronism signal received by the integration of both use of GPS NAVSTAR and Galileo. The advantages are: counteract the degradation, that can be random or contrived, of the current NAVSTAR GPS system through the integration of information from both constellations; support the transition to the Galileo system for the production of the ToD synchronism signal; allow, during the transitional period, the use of the partial deployment of the Galileo constellation as a backup for the NAVSTAR GPS satellites that are no longer operational.

The system under study is equipped with an open protocol with automatic delay compensation for TOD transmission to radios, a transmitter (SIRD-TOD system side) in compliance with this protocol, a receiver with HQ output (radio side) in compliance with this protocol.





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