SDFS Integrated Project



The Satellite Driven Fire Simulator (SDFS) project proposes the study and development of a predictive software to effectively combat the spread of fires in both forest and infrastructure areas. The software acquires images from satellite constellations in orbit, in order to acquire information and images of the territory (such as COSMO-SkyMed and Copernicus Sentinel 2) and from GIS maps which are made available by the regions. A local antenna provides weather information in real time and the processing algorithm, with reduced computational cost compared to classical software, provides the fire forecast. The user is able to display geographic point information and fire forecast through a mobile device connected to the web front-end.

The main objectives are: to create a system with the characteristics described above and which can be used by a not particularly skilled worker; to create a system that can be used directly in the place where the fire is developing; to achieve a "reliability" / "computational cost" ratio that on the one hand allows to estimate the spread of the fire with an approximation that effectively supports the decisions of the fire brigade, and on the other hand uses not a particularly powerful hardware.





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