Smartbee Integrated Project



POR FESR 2014/2020
Lazio Regional Operational Plan - European Regional Development Fund

Grant amount of €59,068.32 received during 2019 (in compliance with Law no. 124 of 4 August 2017)



MPM, in accordance with the Smart Specialisation Strategy (S3) areas identified in the regional context and the sectoral requalification policies in the Agrifood sector, has developed with the partners ARIES Sistemi and University of Tuscia - Department of Agricultural and Instrumental Sciences, an integrated research project called SMARTBEE: Scientific-based Management Approach for Rational Beekeeping.

This project is co-funded by the Lazio Region in the context of the reindustrialisation and industry 4.0 programme and the aim is to create a hardware and a software platform for the management of precision beekeeping.

The idea behind the project is to:

  • acquire data and information both in real time and remotely (Data Collection) for an apiary and a single hive (Precision Unit);
  • process relevant information (Data Analysis);
  • provide indications and possible alert states which are useful to the beekeeper to identify the best management strategy.

The main objectives are: the development of "intelligent" hives (Smart Hive); both real-time and remote monitoring of the status of the individual beehives which make up the apiary; both real-time and remote monitoring of the productivity, population and vitality of each individual bee colony; both real-time and remote monitoring of weather conditions; recording and analysis of the data acquired and storing of the historical series; elaboration of forecasting models for relevant events; generation of alerts (pre-swarming, looting, calamitous events, cattle-stealing, etc.). Certification of the intrinsic and extrinsic quality of bee products (honey) and development/adaptation of methodologies and schemes for traceability and product and process certification.




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