These vehicles, with the MPM system that allows any plurality of radio and telephone performances, are predisposed to any kind of operational intervention, as already demonstrated in the Abruzzo and Messina earthquake zones.

The TLC system, installed in the vehicle, is a real mobile laboratory capable of transmitting data and processing them on site.




About 70 AF/UCL units of the National Fire Brigade for emergency and rescue NBCR were produced as standard for radio - telephone telecommunications.


The development and management tests of the TLC System have been carried out at the National TLC Centre of the Fire Brigade, including the monitoring of environmental radioactivity by means of probes already supplied to the Department.





The Civil Protection (Marche Region) has entrusted the complete preparation of a TLC vehicle to be used for emergency prevention and safety activities.

The mobile unit built was used for the first time in operational activities following the gathering of young people with the Pope in early September 2007 in Loreto.

The System ensured H24 radio and telephone connections with all the Operations Centres interested in control and security.

The Unit has aroused great interest and appreciation from the other bodies of the State for its complete operational autonomy and for the immediacy of the radio-wire communications implemented through the transponder.






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