Smart-Meteo System


The Smart-Meteo System consists of software whose purpose is to make a prediction of the spread of toxic substances in the atmosphere in an effective way starting from the real-time analysis of weather conditions. This forecast allows the competent authorities to intervene in a timely manner.

The system hardware consists of:

  • a weather antenna;
  • a portable unit;
  • a suitcase.

The device is easy to carry.

The system software consists of:

  • a Web platform through which the user can interact;
  • an SQL database containing toxic substances useful for predicting their dispersion.




Visualize in real-time the meteorological data collected (pressure, temperature, humidity, wind) and GPS coordinates provided by the antenna;

Make valid weather forecasts for the next 12 hours;

Manage the toxic substances contained in the SQL database integrated in the System;

Make a prediction of the spread of toxic substances in the atmosphere based on 3 levels of toxicity (yellow zone - low risk, orange zone - medium risk, red zone - high risk).



  Click here to download the Brochure of Smart-Meteo System.







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