Ge.T.I. System


The VoIP - Ge.T.I. telephone exchange is the electronic evolution of the manual switching table in which the 'operator's cord' put the caller in communication with the called: the system allows communication between heterogeneous devices and systems, even those located in several operating zones.




To effectively manage the related communication resources;

Integrate pre-existing communication equipment with new technologies;

To have a customized telecommunications system complete with the necessary functionalities.




The Ge.T.I. system is used in:

  • Fixed operating rooms, currently in the Campania Regional Management
  • UCL (local command unit), i.e. a mobile command and coordination station used for the management of urgent technical rescue operations which has the advantage of operating directly on site, practically an extension of the VVF Command Rooms.


  Click here to download the Brochure of the Ge.T.I. System


  Click here to download the Brochure of the Extender Ge.T.I. System






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