G-RADIO RoIP Gateway




The G-RADIO RoiP Gateway, of the G series family, allows the digitization of the connected analog radios and their complete management within a LAN network.



The analog radios interface through a dedicated cable to the RoIP Gateway, which, in addition to digitizing the audio, allows the complete management of the analog radio in a VoIP network.

The digitization on LAN network allows to connect an Operator with MPM GETI software, an IP PBX or a VoIP phone defining a clear and efficient communication even remotely.



Allows you to interface the analog output of any radio or audio source to a VoIP digital communication system;

Allows the use and remote control of connected radios;

Allows management and display of PTT, Radio Carrier, Geographical Coordinates and Radio Identification;

It remotely manages the connected radios through its own communication protocol;

Dynamically connect two radios of different brand/type or two audio sources for transponder functionality;

Allows operators to listen to multiple radios or sources (monitor mode).



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