"Dedalo" System 



During the search of missing people it has been discovered that, among the personal items, there is very often a mobile device (cell phone) unusable to ask for help in areas which are not covered by commercial operators. Italy has a particularly heterogeneous orography: more than half of the territory is made up of rural or semi-rural areas (for example mountainous or hilly areas), which are isolated and sparsely populated. These zones are often devoid of the necessary infrastructure for mobile coverage and/or broadband coverage and therefore prevent any distress call.
In order to give a concrete response to this phenomenon, a transportable system has been designed and built in order to create a temporary cellular coverage area (GSM) to allow both the localization of the electronic device and the establishment of voice communication with the missing person. On the whole, the "Dedalo" System allows the search of the missing person, the voice communication between the rescuers through the use of their own device and emergency communications in disaster areas.




The BTS/VVF MPM S0206.0000 BTS/VVF system, called "Daedalus", in the absence of signal from mobile phone operators, allows to create a temporary GSM infrastructure suitable for:

- registering commercial cell phones;
- estimate the position of the source;
- allow the location by the rescue team.



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