Our story


MPM is a family company founded in 1991; it was born from an intuition of the founder, Gen. Orlando Maerini, who at the end of his career, largely spent in the technical-administrative area of the Ministry of Defense, noted the lack of a small national industrial entity able to cover specific/niche needs that large industrial groups did not include in their plans. The company at the beginning operated as a subcontractor of national industrial groups operating in the Defence sector, and then began to explore the market independently and to work in the field of telecommunications, information technology and command and control for public and private users. MPM Telecommunications owns:
  • ISO9001:2015 Quality Certification
  • Enrolment in the National Research Registry of the MIUR
  • Financing from the Ministry of Economic Development, "Industria 4.0" programme Aerospace and Security sector
  • Prominent position in small-scale industry area

Over the years the company has also dealt with the following points:

  • Participating in the "P.R.M.N." research project, co-funded by SMD, for the implementation of the Galileo constellation time reference signal in SIRD-ToD systems
  • Developing solutions tailored to the customer's specific needs
  • Making investments in Research and Development 


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Via Antonino Siligato 4a,
Civitavecchia (Rm)
0766 381453

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